DRYSMES4GRID project has received funding from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development within the framework of the "2012-2014 Research Plan of the National Electrical System" and the "2013 POA" - art.10, comma2, lettera b) of the 26/01/2000 D.Lgsl.

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Energy storage is the key technology for increasing the penetration of renewable source and for assuring appropriate power quality to customers. Several energy storage technologies exist, each offering specific performances. Among these, SMES (Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage) offers important advantages including fast response time from stand-by to full power, high deliverable power, virtually infinite number of charge/discharge cycles without degradation and high round trip efficiency. Due to these characteristics SMES can find a very wide application, as stand-alone storage device or in combination with other storage technology with complementary characteristics (e.g. in hybrid Battery-SMES storage systems), both at the customer and at the grid level.

The aim of the DRYSMES4GRID project is to demonstrate the feasibility of cost-competitive Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) based on MgB2 with a cryogen free cooling system.

All engineering aspects needed for the practical development of the SMES technology will be dealt within the project, including manufacturability of MgB2 cable and winding, stability and loss of the winding during the fast charge and discharge, electrical insulation of the dry coil, temperature uniformity, minimization of cooling losses and converter losses during standby. Furthermore, all aspects related to the development of power and control electronics needed for the appropriate operation of the SMES in the power network will also be dealt with. All activities will converge in the manufacturing and the testing of a demonstrator with an objective rating of 500 kJ/200 kW.

The DRYSMES4GRID project is coordinated by ASG Superconductors Spa based in Genoa. Further partners are the University of Bologna, RSE SpA (Research on Energy System, Milan), ICAS S.C. r. l. (Italian Consortium for Applied Superconductivity, Rome) and Cnr – SPIN (National Research Council - Institute for Superconductors, oxides and other innovative materials and devices, Genoa). The expertise of the partners (coming from industry, academy and research), is complementary and covers the range of skills (materials, magnet design, power electronics and grids) needed for the development of SMES technology.

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